[How to] The essence of "Credible Innovation"

"Credible" innovation work (by others's standards) takes a must-do purpose, usable outputs, and impressive craft, achieved by an unpretentious team.

[How to] The essence of "Credible Innovation"
The core "Credible Innovation" framework. Most everything else here ladders up to this | (c) Custom Lightning (2023)


This is part 1 of the post sequence I call "Make it Practical Already! A Busy Innovator's Quick Guide to Making Credible Innovation Practical."

In the long run, I hope to give these topics sufficient air to breathe in a book. And the whole site is about "putting flesh on these bones." But for now, I'm working on a short post sequence that compresses the core ideas down into a few simple and actionable framework.

Here they all are at a glance:

Re.: Overview:

Re.: Must-do purpose:

  • Part 2 (Must-Do Purpose Canvas) gives you a practical tool for finding and describing why your work is utterly indispensable, and why that's something you should ensure.
  • Part 3 (Problem Canvas) encourages you to slow down and avoid the urge to get going on solution development. Instead, scrutinize the problem you are solving, so it matters and you understand it.

Re.: Usable outputs:

  • Part 4 (Universally Understandable Prototype, UUP) helps you think through how to make your work understandable to the stakeholders inside your organizations and ensure that they are ready to support and take over your work.
  • Part 5 (WIIFM Understanding Check) serves as a companion to the UUP. The had UUP helped you evolve what you share with stakeholders into something they can understand. But the effort to create one is not trivial. It is typically only worth it with your core stakeholder groups, especially your direct sponsor(s) and the team that will take over your work once it's de-risked. But this blog post covers what to do vis-à-vis all your other stakeholders.

Re.: Impressive craft