Thanks to all who made this possible

Thanks to all who made this possible
Thank you!  | Photo by Matt Jones / Unsplash

Most sites have an "about us" section. Many point out their own credentials and accomplishments.

Fewer acknowledge the giants on whose shoulders they stand. But one really should have an “about them” section.

Credible Innovation would never have been possible if I had had to rely on my own (delusion of) superhuman awesomeness.

Instead, I am grateful to the generosity of many others who either took a chance on me when I had no business deserving it or who simply offered their wisdom to the universe for anyone to benefit.

At the risk of surely leaving someone out on accident (apologies!), here is a small selection of those who were essential to all you see here–people you should know if you ever get a chance!

Anything that's not great on Credible Innovation merely shows my limits in implementing what they shared and taught:

Thanks, in roughly chronological order, to:

Jill Simandl, Bridget Evens, and John Butcher – Who pointed out that major team trust and fun at work can easily coexist with and actually reinforce world-class work, whenever people pool abundant goodwill and competence.

Corey Haaland, Jane Windmeier, and Keri Jones – Who showed by example that (and how) you can prioritize being human at work.

Gene Han, Daniel Duty, and Chris Walton – Who believed that I might just be of use in strategy and innovation, even given my mindblowing lack of relevant experience.

Steve Blank – Whose advances and explanation of the innovation craft gave me faith that I, too, might learn this stuff. His concept of "Innovation Theater" also opened my eyes to the hard reality that our discipline is not "done," barely even works, and that innovators need way more than just tools to succeed.

Casey Carl and Jamil Ghani – Who taught me to push innovation craft beyond the orthodoxies.

My consulting clients, especially the early ones – Whom corporate NDAs keep me from mentioning, but whom I appreciate endlessly. You know who you are. :)

Anne Mezzenga, Kate McDonald, Danny Gelfman, and Chris von Dohlen – Who, in particular, pointed me in directions that felt right for creating "content" and who put a bee in my bonnet for actually getting it done.

Jen Reise, Maya Page, Charlie Murray, Demi Radeva, and all the other entrepreneurs with whom I have worked – Who helped me port my toolkits from the corporate to the startup world.

Also to everyone else who helped me along the way whom I should have included here, a massive thank you!

And of course, always, to Amy.


Photo "assorted pendant lights hanging on ceiling" by Matt Jones on Unsplash