[Blog] The basic assumptions that make "Credible Innovation" a must-do

I talk about "must-do purposes" a lot. But is "Credible Innovation" itself a must-do? ... It depends on your assumptions!

[Blog] The basic assumptions that make "Credible Innovation" a must-do
Without firm foundations, all else will fall  | Photo by Jacqueline Day / Unsplash


So far, I have found six critical assumptions on which this "Credible Innovation" idea appears to stand.

Buy into them, and the rest will follow, as far as I can tell. (Until I learn better. It's a sacrificial draft and will very likely evolve.)

Reasonable people may disagree with these assumptions. Test them. But if these axioms and their initial implications feel sound to you, then the work of this site really matters.

The assumptions fundamentally amount to this argument:

The world needs corporate innovators. But our discipline doesn’t do a good job yet. We have not figured it out. (At least) some of the issues require basic mindset changes to solve them. Accept those new perspectives, and several important problems of our craft appear easier to untangle.