[Quote] And let it be noted

Yes, innovation is hard. Humans known that for 500+ years. If it feels easy, you might be missing things.

[Quote] And let it be noted

“And let it be noted that there is
no more delicate matter to take in hand,
nor more dangerous to conduct,
nor more doubtful in its success,
than to set up as a leader in the introduction of changes.

For [they] who innovate… will have for [their] enemies all those who
are well off under the existing order of things,
and only lukewarm supporters in those who
might be better off under the new.”

Nicollò Machiavelli. Italian diplomat.

The point for innovation

Innovation is ultimately an attempt to change human systems.

If it feels hard, that's for good reasons. Innovation is among the hardest things one might attempt at work, let alone in life. Failing is normal.

And there's no reason that we should expect others to like our innovation work. Resistance is also normal and rational.

Humans have known about this difficulty for over 500 years.

What might you do about it?

Mostly, acknowledge and accept that people who resist your work are not fools. Innovators grumble about the pushback that we get from stakeholders, implementors, regulators, and more.

But we can't hear, let alone address, people's concern while we're in grumbling rejection mode. Bring your empathy and listening skills, and you might still disagree with your doubters. But you'll be in a better starting position eventually to overcome or at least neutralize all that disagreement.


The Prince

by Nicollò Machiavelli

Original publication 1513.

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