[Tool] The Must-Do Purpose Canvas

A major reason for innovation efforts' failure is that they never were "must-dos" to begin with. They didn't warrant putting up with all the problems that inevitably pop up. Here's a way to do better!

[Tool] The Must-Do Purpose Canvas

[Updated May 15, 2024 to include the "Solemn Vow" purpose type.]


Your work isn't a "must-do" just because you think so.

For it truly to be unavoidable, even your hardcore skeptics grudgingly have to admit that it's utterly necessary and required to happen, despite their worst objections.

It's surprisingly hard to identify, let alone create "must-do" purposes. People have a tendency to confuse the things that they consider necessary and those that everyone agrees are unavoidable.

But you can learn the way with practice. To help you get started, here's a way to walk through the key steps, in the form of a simple visual tool that lets you create or pressure-test your own "must-do" purposes.